"We are BLOOMPK, Pakistan's premier fragrance retailer, and we are dedicated to our mission of bringing the most sought-after, rarest, and best fragrances from across the globe to Pakistan at the most affordable prices possible. As pioneers of perfume decanting in Pakistan, we make this universe of beautiful fragrances accessible and affordable for you."


"BloomPK is a creation of fragrance enthusiasts, crafted for fragrance enthusiasts. It is more than just a retail store; it is an ecosystem that values the art of Perfumery through meticulous attention to detail, complete transparency, and a frank exchange of ideas. Our pursuit for the most unique and sought-after fragrances is ongoing and unwavering. As the Co-Owner and Creative Director, I strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and customer service. Thank you for joining us on this olfactory journey." -  Sachin Singh.


"We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of originality and variety in fragrances. Whether a fragrance hails from France or Spain, we make every effort to procure and offer it to our valued customers at the best possible prices. As pioneers in decanting fragrances in Pakistan and leading retailers in the industry, we promise to provide only 100% original fragrances, along with the widest selection of scents available. As Co-Owner, I am committed to delivering exceptional quality and service, and we are grateful for your continued patronage." - Waqas Ahmad